A Salty Tale


Folks, salt is important for your horse. Unlike us heathen humans, horses self-regulate their salt intake quite well. They don’t get enough to meet requirements naturally occurring in their feed, so make sure you provide some. Here are a few options.

Trace mineral block: My horse quite likes these, but I give him a vitamin/mineral supplement, so I worry about any mineral toxicity issues it could cause.

Himalayan salt block: He likes these pretty little wheels a little too much, disposing of one in about a week.

Redmond Rock: Had one of these sitting in the trough for a while and he won’t touch it. Sad.

So, we’re going to try the PLAIN WHITE SALT. This is still second best to a feeder of loose plain salt, which I hear is the closest to ideal, but I don’t have a feeder or a source of a gazillion pounds of loose salt. We’ll see if it does better than “the rock”!

2 thoughts on “A Salty Tale

  1. Previous two horses cruised thru mineral blocks, ignored the white ones. One of the current horses LOVES his white salt block, to the point that licking it is a comfort behavior for him. We have them everywhere for him and even take a small one with us to shows. Horses are weird.


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