Makeup review: bareMinerals BarePro



Confession time… I haven’t used a liquid foundation since high school, and back then it was cheap Cover Girl or something that got stuck in my smile lines, even as a teen! I graduated to chalky powders in college, but they still looked fake and cake-y. Finally, I settled on mineral makeup, which was much more natural.

Recently I went to Sephora and got sidetracked (as one so often does), and ended up bringing home a liquid foundation. At $30 it was not cheap, but the bottle is big and they had so many shades I was able to find an excellent match – not easy when my skin tone falls between Geisha-pale and yellow-y/tan. Usually there’s not much for us fair but cool-toned types after the bright white shade.

As you can see from the pics, I have really pink skin thanks to rosacea. It gets even worse if I get hot, angry, upset, embarrassed… you get the picture. So I like to have on something, preferably with SPF.

Two pumps on a makeup sponge (they’ve come a long way since the old days, although I didn’t spring for the $20 “Beauty Blender” that is in every YouTube video), and I was in business. You have to work quickly before it dries, but that just means your makeup goes on quickly!

Pros: Covers well but not too heavy.

Cons: Still got a little dry by the end of the afternoon, but if you have oilier skin this shouldn’t be a problem.

Recommendation: Give it a try if you’re looking for a good but natural coverage. Sephora will take returns on anything if you get home and the shade looks wrong when you see it in better lighting. Happy shopping!

2 thoughts on “Makeup review: bareMinerals BarePro

  1. I am too much a child of the feminist ’70s to get excited about makeup posts. I dislike the underlying message that you are not beautiful the way you are. (Breathes quietly. Waits for rant to pass.) Ignore me. You do you!


  2. I can see both sides. Dolling yourself up for others isn’t psychologically a good idea. Doing it just for fun (half the time I don’t even leave the house b/c I work from home) or just to feel good for yourself is another thing – IMO.


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