Birchbox Has Arrived


Got my first Birchbox today! Have you heard about this? For $10/month, they will send you samples of hair/makeup/fragrance/beauty products based on your personal profile. I haven’t tried anything yet, but I’m excited to.

The box itself is very cute, and you can (of course) buy full-sized products on their website if you like anything. I do wish you could tailor it a little more to your preferences. For instance, I’m a skincare consultant and have PLENTY of products, so I really don’t need those! I also don’t wear fragrance, and the minimum you can get is 4x/year. I’m a big makeup junkie so I’d like to get more of that … except primers, what is the deal with those? I have at least three or four sample-size primers on my sink right now.

BUT I’m willing to ride it out a few more months to see if I come across any gems. In the mean time, I’m going to post about a few of my favorite makeup items – hard-fought finds with billions of drugstore rejects in the wake of each! Think of it as kind of an “Oprah’s Favorite Things” … minus the Oprah.

3 thoughts on “Birchbox Has Arrived

  1. You’ll have to do a follow up and let us know if you think it’s worth the $10. My beef with some of the horse (and dog) monthly box services is they’re expensive. For $25-$50 a month, I’d rather buy something I know I will like rather than take a gamble. But $10 might be worth it.


    1. My husband does a golf one that costs $40/month, which seems crazy to me, but it either includes a pair of shoes or shirt plus shorts/pants. He’s only gotten 2 things he didn’t like so far (and you can exchange)… so a decent deal. $10 was much more in my happy place for a price!

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