Let’s Talk About Home Chef


Anyone who follows me on Facebook probably knows by now that I’m addicted to food delivery services. (Pictured above: Thai turkey lettuce wraps from Home Chef.) I’ve always wanted to learn to cook, but I HATE meal planning and grocery shopping. Food delivery solves both problems.

Pros: Pick 3 meals from 8 available. Since I don’t eat pork or seafood, we stick to chicken, beef, turkey or veggie. All ingredients portioned out and ZERO food waste.

Cons: Not insignificant plastic waste – lots of ice packs in crappy plastic that leaks (i.e. hard to reuse), plus plastic packaging on most of the individual items. But… compare this to grocery shopping or going out to eat – lots of plastic and trash.

We alternate between Blue Apron and Home Chef depending on who has the best menu that week. Both charge $59 for three dinners of two servings each. This is the same or slightly less per portion than we spend on takeout, but more than grocery shopping & cooking from scratch whenever I’ve re-made the meals.

I admit to leaving out the kale, spinach, broccoli, etc. if they go all-in on a veggie I hate. Most of what we pick has potatoes for the side 😉 I love salads, but it is fairly uncommon to just get lettuce as the side to make a salad!

I have lots of coupon codes if anyone wants to try it and get a discount. Do you use a food delivery service? Which one, and why? I love to hear about the different ones.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Home Chef

  1. They’re fabulous! I swear I can’t re-create them from the store for less, though others disagree. The ultimate luxury for me is not having to think up a meal and buy the pieces at the grocery store. Only downsize is a lot of packaging trash.


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