Back and Redder than Ever


After a sketchy eight months to the day since my last blog post, I’m finally back! (This was supposed to go live on Aug. 22 but WordPress wasn’t working for me in Chrome. I finally tried it in Safari–usually so glitchy–and boom. Google product, you have failed me.)

Inspired by a good ol’ kick in the pants from my friend Virtual Brush Box (, I realized I can make anything into a post that I want. Doesn’t have to be a Ph.D.-level dissertation.

The recent topic that my FB friends are too well aware of is my hair color situation. I wanted to dye it dark red, but instead, it came out…



Now, this might be cute on some people, but I am not that people. I’m more of a blend-in-with-the-crowd person. Pink hair is not about that.

I think, although not a permanent dye, it really grabbed hold because I have light hair and left it on too long. Freaking out about a family wedding I had to attend, and once again DETERMINED to do it myself, I purchased some semi-permanent dark red “for dark hair colors.” VERY luckily, it did the trick and covered the pink.

(For those interested, it was Clairol Natural Instincts Crema Keratina in Medium Red.)

Anyhoo, crisis averted, family loved the hair color for all the group pics at the wedding. Not sure if I will keep it, but I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Also crushing on my L’Ange curling wand … also discovered through a FB ad! (See previous post on creepy FB ad stalking.)

Have you ever had a hair mishap? Please make me feel better by sharing in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Back and Redder than Ever

  1. Yes, I was given fluorescent burgundy-fuscia hair by a beauty product store representative telling me to mix the box of red with the box of brown together to achieve my natural auburn. OMG. Talk about “supernatural” for a long time.


    1. I don’t have my social accounts linked here – but my insta handle is @hollcacc, or by searching my name. I don’t think this blog emails, but honestly I’m not sure!!


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