Powder Dip Nails


I recently got addicted to manicures for the first time in my life. I liked the gel nails because they didn’t chip like polish, but they really sand down your nail each time before applying the gel polish 😦 As a result, my nails were about 1 molecule thick after four manicures in eight weeks. I decided to try SNS dip powder nails instead because it uses a completely different method.

It cost a little more ($40 vs. $25), but stayed nice for four weeks instead of two. After that, I had it removed and decided to grow my nails out completely from the bottom up. They STILL buffed off the top layer again even though they were just removing the powder nails before sending me on my way! 😡

Anyway, when my nails were finally grown out, I wanted to get powder again before a wedding I was planning to attend. Browsing FB one day, Zuckerberg must have creepily read my mind as usual, and I came across an ad for DIY powder nails… ooooh boy! If you know me, I looooove DIY and will stupidly try to do anything and everything myself instead of paying an expert to do it.

Even though I ordered it 2.5 weeks out from the wedding—plenty of time for anything to ship that I’ve ever ordered—it still didn’t come in time, so I had to slap some ugly polish on. Turned out it said “7-18 business days” for shipping. It came almost a MONTH after ordering–arggghhh!

But anyway, it finally came yesterday, so last night I tried to apply in poor lighting. I did 3 coats, and granted, painted the base layers a bit sloppy. What you need to know here is that under NO circumstance is there any room for error with getting it on the skin around your nail. When I put the sealant and top coat on, I realized my grievous error.

The photo is AFTER I took a rough file to the edges (sides & bottom)–still sloppy overspill. Other than that, I love the natural color and how strong my nails feel. Jury is still out as to whether I’ll be able to stand this for a couple weeks before soaking it off or if I’ll just re-do the whole thing shortly to try for better aim.

EDITED TO ADD: After less than a week, I decided to re-do them. It took nearly an hour of soaking in nail polish remover to get them off–note to self: this method sucks, don’t do it again.

Last night I re-did the nails, being MUCH more careful with the base coat and not going to the edge until the 3rd coat. After each powder dip, I waited a few minutes and then dusted off the excess powder with a brush. This kept the base coat brush from getting gummed up with powder. And voila! No sloppy edges, almost perfect result. A few nails got hilly bumps that I filed down, but otherwise I did not sand before top coat. I did a 2nd coat of top to get a glossier shine. Very happy with this!


What kind of nails do you like to do? Polish, bite them off, pointy claws, etc?

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