Dry Shampoo & Push Through


Have you heard of “hair training”? I got on this train recently.

The idea is to get your hair used to less frequent washing so it produces less oil and can go longer between shampoos, improving hair quality because you don’t have to blow dry/heat style every day. Your style will last till your next shampoo.

I was always someone who turned into a greasy mess on day 2. Day 2 was strictly ponytail only if I wanted to wash every other day. I’m now up to day 4 (YES you shower in between–just put hair up and don’t wash it). Day 2 looks just like day 1; day 3 it needs a little dry shampoo and can be worn down, and day 4 is hat or ponytail.

I’m hoping this will make for stronger and thicker hair in the long run, but all of the dye and washing I’ve done lately has caused a lot of breakage, so for a while I’ll have to go back to a shorter hairstyle.

Is there any trick to how you wash? YES! I used the steps outlined by Jasmine in this video and it really worked:

When you’re ready for dry shampoo, I’ve tried a few. The silver one has no white color, which I like. The small bottles are samples from my Birchbox subscription; the foam one on the left was my least favorite.

What about you, how many days between shampoos? Do you use dry shampoo? Drop comments below.

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