Addicted to LipSense


Is this an addiction? Everything on the left side of the divider that you can read a label on is LipSense–eeek. This is a long-lasting stain; you apply three thin coats about 5 seconds apart. You top with one of their glosses and re-apply gloss after eating, and it lasts 8+ hours.

Pros: Won’t smudge or come off on glass, etc.

Cons: The darker colors are more noticeable as they start to flake off at the end of their life cycle. They’ll come off prematurely if you eat greasy food or are lazy about the gloss and switch to whatever lip balm is handy.

Here are some pics I’ve been cataloging of the colors on me. Sorry the names of the colors are cut off in this collage:


Now that my hair is a weird colors, most of these don’t match my coloring anymore. Someday I’ll be back to a blonder shade though!

Have you tried a long-lasting lip stain? What do you like?

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