Let’s Talk About Home Chef


Anyone who follows me on Facebook probably knows by now that I’m addicted to food delivery services. (Pictured above: Thai turkey lettuce wraps from Home Chef.) I’ve always wanted to learn to cook, but I HATE meal planning and grocery shopping. Food delivery solves both problems.

Pros: Pick 3 meals from 8 available. Since I don’t eat pork or seafood, we stick to chicken, beef, turkey or veggie. All ingredients portioned out and ZERO food waste.

Cons: Not insignificant plastic waste – lots of ice packs in crappy plastic that leaks (i.e. hard to reuse), plus plastic packaging on most of the individual items. But… compare this to grocery shopping or going out to eat – lots of plastic and trash.

We alternate between Blue Apron and Home Chef depending on who has the best menu that week. Both charge $59 for three dinners of two servings each. This is the same or slightly less per portion than we spend on takeout, but more than grocery shopping & cooking from scratch whenever I’ve re-made the meals.

I admit to leaving out the kale, spinach, broccoli, etc. if they go all-in on a veggie I hate. Most of what we pick has potatoes for the side 😉 I love salads, but it is fairly uncommon to just get lettuce as the side to make a salad!

I have lots of coupon codes if anyone wants to try it and get a discount. Do you use a food delivery service? Which one, and why? I love to hear about the different ones.

Birchbox Has Arrived


Got my first Birchbox today! Have you heard about this? For $10/month, they will send you samples of hair/makeup/fragrance/beauty products based on your personal profile. I haven’t tried anything yet, but I’m excited to.

The box itself is very cute, and you can (of course) buy full-sized products on their website if you like anything. I do wish you could tailor it a little more to your preferences. For instance, I’m a skincare consultant and have PLENTY of products, so I really don’t need those! I also don’t wear fragrance, and the minimum you can get is 4x/year. I’m a big makeup junkie so I’d like to get more of that … except primers, what is the deal with those? I have at least three or four sample-size primers on my sink right now.

BUT I’m willing to ride it out a few more months to see if I come across any gems. In the mean time, I’m going to post about a few of my favorite makeup items – hard-fought finds with billions of drugstore rejects in the wake of each! Think of it as kind of an “Oprah’s Favorite Things” … minus the Oprah.

A Salty Tale


Folks, salt is important for your horse. Unlike us heathen humans, horses self-regulate their salt intake quite well. They don’t get enough to meet requirements naturally occurring in their feed, so make sure you provide some. Here are a few options.

Trace mineral block: My horse quite likes these, but I give him a vitamin/mineral supplement, so I worry about any mineral toxicity issues it could cause.

Himalayan salt block: He likes these pretty little wheels a little too much, disposing of one in about a week.

Redmond Rock: Had one of these sitting in the trough for a while and he won’t touch it. Sad.

So, we’re going to try the PLAIN WHITE SALT. This is still second best to a feeder of loose plain salt, which I hear is the closest to ideal, but I don’t have a feeder or a source of a gazillion pounds of loose salt. We’ll see if it does better than “the rock”!

The Perfect Body Wash


So a weird thing happened. We were on a layover at Heathrow Airport in London, and I got to peruse my first Boots store. Of course I’ve heard of it – it’s kind of like the CVS of England – but so, so much better. I got right to exploring all the beauty brands.

Realizing I forgot to pack body wash, I picked up a cute pink bottle from a brand called Soap & Glory. I admit the packaging sold me. #sorrynotsorry

I loved it. To my surprise, I realized when I got home that Target was now carrying the brand. I invested a hefty $8.99 in the full size, but it was sooo worth it. This isn’t one of those lathery, drying deals. It feels nourishing, gets you clean without the stripping cleaners, and smells amazing.

Even the back of the bottle is cute! Turns out it is a U.K. brand. Look at the copy about getting it in your eyes. Genius.

Pros: Everything

Cons: Nothing

Go get some!

Body Clipping Time


Here in Southern California, it doesn’t get very cold. Don’t listen to the people who say they’re “freezing” when it hits 54 degrees – either they are exaggerating (guilty) or have never left the 25-mile radius.

Thus, if you ride your horse a lot in the winter, he will sweat. A lot. Even though I have an assortment of lovely blankets for my horse, I confess to being a tiny bit lazy about the whole rigamorole of blanketing. I need my horse to cool out faster but stay warm when he needs to.

Introducing… the trace clip. People probably think I am a horse abuser by not blanketing in the winter with a partially clipped horse, but this guy made it through zero and below living outdoors before we moved here. I figure if it drops to 42 once, he’ll survive. Say it with me… “Just because I’m cold, it doesn’t mean my horse is cold.”

Critical temperature for healthy horses in proper weight with a full winter coat is around 20 degrees F (assuming no precipitation/wind). My horse has shelter if it does rain, so this will be our third winter rocking the partial clip, no blanket. THE HORROR! But I think he looks pretty cute 🙂

Makeup review: bareMinerals BarePro



Confession time… I haven’t used a liquid foundation since high school, and back then it was cheap Cover Girl or something that got stuck in my smile lines, even as a teen! I graduated to chalky powders in college, but they still looked fake and cake-y. Finally, I settled on mineral makeup, which was much more natural.

Recently I went to Sephora and got sidetracked (as one so often does), and ended up bringing home a liquid foundation. At $30 it was not cheap, but the bottle is big and they had so many shades I was able to find an excellent match – not easy when my skin tone falls between Geisha-pale and yellow-y/tan. Usually there’s not much for us fair but cool-toned types after the bright white shade.

As you can see from the pics, I have really pink skin thanks to rosacea. It gets even worse if I get hot, angry, upset, embarrassed… you get the picture. So I like to have on something, preferably with SPF.

Two pumps on a makeup sponge (they’ve come a long way since the old days, although I didn’t spring for the $20 “Beauty Blender” that is in every YouTube video), and I was in business. You have to work quickly before it dries, but that just means your makeup goes on quickly!

Pros: Covers well but not too heavy.

Cons: Still got a little dry by the end of the afternoon, but if you have oilier skin this shouldn’t be a problem.

Recommendation: Give it a try if you’re looking for a good but natural coverage. Sephora will take returns on anything if you get home and the shade looks wrong when you see it in better lighting. Happy shopping!



Thanks for visiting my new blog. I plan to write a lot about equine nutrition, any and all products related to horses, plus some fun girly stuff and some short musings about this and that. I will try to keep things brief and quick and always post pictures!

Winter is setting in soon so there won’t be much daylight, but I’ll do what I can. Might have to resort to open-source free stock photos in a pinch, but rest assured I won’t be stealing anyone’s stuff.

If you enjoy a little learning and a little fun, follow along with me! I’m still learning how to post but hopefully it won’t be that hard. Maybe I’ll feel less old if I can figure out this web publishing stuff. Anyway, welcome aboard!